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Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay

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*performs CPR on the group* [Nov. 20th, 2005|06:41 pm]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay

"What do you mean, I reek, you stupid jerk?! At least I bathe in a manner that doesn't involve licking myself!"

As the shrew's voice vanished behind him, the desire to turn around and scream at her again was overwhelming. However, his mind was too clouded with other thoughts for him to even bother with her at the moment.

The ground felt rough under his feet, sharp rocks and twigs barely causing him to flinch. He was used to treading on ground such as that, having no need for worthless items such as sandals. Inuyasha didn't need anything human in his life. Inuyasha didn't need anything.

He leaned one arm against a tree, propping himself up with his forearm, narrowing his amber eyes at some point unseen. First, he encountered his brother, a full demon. The only family he has alive, that shunned him and wanted him dead for carrying the tainted blood of a human. Now, he'll never know about the youkai that aided in bringing him into the world. He had almost died encountering Sesshoumaru once, escaping with his life.. barely. Why? Because he was too weak.

"Damn it all." He growled, moving his arm and punching his fist into the trunk he was resting against. The trunk cracked inward against the force, splinters flying from the sides. Some shards of wood embedded into his skin, but Inuyasha didn't care. He needed an outlet.

Once the pain died down in his hand, his thoughts shifted to the miko from before. Of anyone who could have showed him compassion, it was a miko, a priestess trained in ridding the world of demons. She could have killed him.. but she didn't. Her face, her expression, her eyes... they haunted him, almost mockingly.

And yet... he wasn't annoyed, in a way he should have been.

A quick movement of his legs and he was no longer on the ground, landing to rest on a branch high off the ground. Night had already come upon the lands, casting the world in dark purples and blues. As Inuyasha stretched out on the thick branch on his back, he folded his arms behind his head and used them as a make-shift pillow.

Father died... because of me. Mother died... because of me. Sesshoumaru... keh, the bastard. He rolled over a little so he was on his side, ears remaining alert. There's nothing left for me here. There's nothing left for me anywhere. The priestess's words about the shikon no tama ran through his mind once more. The demons he killed before encountering her sought after something.. was that it? It had to have been..

"Keh, I'll try to get my hands on it again." He snorted to himself, the faintest of smirks causing one fang to stick out over his lip as he closed his eyes. "Tomorrow."


The early rays of sunlight washed over his face, causing Inuyasha to stir and slit his eyes open. His pupils contracted painfully at first but quickly adjusted, allowing him to open his eyes fully and with clarity. Sitting up, he stretched out his awakening muscles, eyes closing as air ran through his hair. It felt refreshing not being in pain or stiff anymore: his injuries from his fight with his brother finished healing over the course of the night.

Plus, his thoughts energized him. All night, Inuyasha's mind had been racing about what the shikon no tama could be. What was so special about it? He had to know. Whatever it was, it could only make his life better.

Inuyasha leapt out of the tree, landing on the ground. He tilted his head back and sniffed at the air, recalling the faint scents of the village he visited the other day. Once the familiar smell hit his nose, he smirked, and took off in a run, coming to a stop only when he was on the outskirts of the village. Ever ready on the alert, he kept his eyes, ears, and nose focused on finding one human.

The priestess from the day before.
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Burned youkai on a dusty trail... [Aug. 30th, 2005|08:48 pm]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay
Nozomi nodded and turned the direction she thought the village was. The dark haired miko didn't correct her, so she figured she was starting off on the right foot. Walking down the path she found, she wondered if that man would really be all right. She had seen a couple of people who looked like that and her mother was only able to save one of them...for only about six months. During that time, the man was in excruciating pain and would cry out over the simplest of things.

She took in a deep breath and decided it would be her life's work never to be burned. She knew she wouldn't have the power to live for six months, let alone six minutes. She might look strong, but she was the one of the weakest people when it came to healing the hurt and sick.

Before she made it to the village, she came across another smell of burnt flesh and soon found the owner of that smell lying on the ground in front of a human girl. She slowed down as she passed the two people and soon realized that one wasn't a person at all, but a youkai. She thought about running away, since it looked like that girl had been the one to kill the youkai, but at the same time she didn't know if she was on the right path to the village and she needed someone to tell her she was...or not.

"Uh..um...exuse me?" she asked timidly. "Is the village down this path? Am I going the right way? I was asked by this miko to get help and a stretcher for this badly burned man back there and I was wondering if I was headed in the right direction."

After asking the question she felt better, but was still a little antsy to get out of there. Who knew what this girl could do to her if she took down that thing.
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WTF? - [ open to alllll ] [Aug. 24th, 2005|07:08 am]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay
Something snapped inside of her as the after effects of the hanyou's brief battle with Kikyou suddenly dawned on Higurashi Kagome. Though, by all means, she should've been terrified by the sight of a youkai, at least a partial one, something inside of the schoolgirl could feel nothing but pure anger at his off-hand comments about her smell. She reeked?

"What do you mean, I reek, you stupid jerk?!" she shouted after him, even as he lept away. "At least I bathe in a manner that doesn't involve licking myself!" Sufficiently annoyed and more than a little irritated now, Kagome fumed, stomping one foot on the dirt ground in expression of said frustration. "What a jerk..."

Aware that Kikyou had saved her life, Kagome shook her head, running a single hand through her raven hair sheepishly. She hadn't seemed very grateful, and, by all means, she really should have been.

"Sorry about that. Thanks for, well, saving my life and all," she expressed as Kikyou began to walk away. Though she briefly contemplated taking Kikyou up on her kind offer, Kagome feared that she too would be unable to sleep at all considering the day's events. It was clear that Kikyou wanted to be alone, and Kagome figured that she probably needed to sort some things out her head anyway. So, as Kikyou made her way off into the woods, she turned around and made her own way down the path that led a bit away from the village.

Alright, Kagome. You need to realize a few things. First of all, you're stuck in... in the past or something. This isn't a dream. You're really, really stuck here, and there's no way to go home right now. Secondly, youkai exist, and magical powers and all that sacred mumbo-jumbo grandpa used to talk about is real. He wasn't BSing you.

A little ways from the village, Kagome stopped dead in her tracks, tilting her gaze to the starry, night sky.

"This is all real... I'm never going to get home," she whispered, despair finally sinking into her chest as she looked to the heavens for some form of guidance.

"I'll send you home, little girl." The sharp, sudden hiss caused Kagome to jump nearly ten feet into the air that time. Dark, brown eyes darted to the side to meet cold, yellow, serpentine ones. Her heart skipped a beat, and she took a step back as real fear finally seized her. A youkai. Another youkai, and Kikyou was nowhere to be found.

"St-stay away!" Kagome warned the serpentine youkai, who was advancing on her rather steadily. "You know who resides here, don't you?" The youkai only chuckled, apparently unphased by the girl's threat.

"The miko, Kikyou? Oh, I'm well aware of her presence, but, when last I checked, she was away. Thanks to that little distraction earlier, I've free reign over this village, and the Shikon no Tama will be mine because of it." A grin crossed the youkai's cold lips. "And you, little girl, can do nothing to stop me..." The creature lashed out, aiming to catch his prey by her neck, no doubt snapping her in two with little effort.

Kagome fell back with a shriek, lifting her hand up in some form of futile protest of her own, impending demise.

"I said, stay back!" she cried and squeezed her eyes shut as she braced herself for the pain that was undoubtedly to come. And yet, there was nothing. Nothing same a flash of light that she could practically feel erupt from her fingertips, even with her eyes closed. When Kagome finally dared herself to open her eyes, the sight that greeted her caused her heart to skip a beat or two for what had to be the trillionth time that day.

There, just before her, lay the smoking, almost completely incinerated corpse of the serpent youkai that had attempted to take her life just moments ago.

"What... what the hell?"
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(no subject) [Aug. 24th, 2005|06:51 am]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay
Sleep came the second that Yuufa's head hit the pillow that evening. The young princess was not used to such physical activity, and, coupled with long hours in the hot, demanding sun, the ordeal had put quite a strain on her young body. She was out cold, despite Yutaro-san's constant nagging that she should rehearse the speech she planned to give Sesshoumaru-sama when their negotiations picked up.

When the sun rose, Yuufa could feel in streaming in through the window and literally pressing against her face. With a soft mumble, she rolled over in bed, pulling the furs scattered about her over her head in a futile attempt to block the cruel rays. The harping voice in her ear didn't help matters either however, and Yuufa wondered if, should she wish hard enough, Yutaro-san would just disappear for another hour or so.

"Up with you, your highness! You have much to do this morning, and I would like for you to recite your speech to me as though I were Sesshoumaru-sama. You must be prepared, you see. Yuufa-hime, are you listening to me? Your mother sent me with you to be sure that you wouldn't botch this vital event, and I shall be damned if I allow you to do so by sleeping until mid-afternoon..."

Yuufa almost growled, though she didn't quite have it in her system to do so. As right as Yutaro-san was, she was exhausted and was certain that the lord understood this. He had TOLD her to rest, after all. He was probably exhausted too, for all she knew, though any thoughts of Sesshoumaru showing such weakness as weariness were quickly snuffed out.

The youkai lord was such an odd case. He wasn't like any noble or youkai she'd met in her mother's court. Surely, all of the others were rude to her and took great advantage of her naivety and timidness. But Sesshoumaru-sama... well, Yuufa couldn't be at all certain what he thought of her. Did he treat her decently because he thought all nobles should be treated as such, or did he simply hold her in such contempt that she was not even worth his outward scorn? It was impossible to tell with the perpetual mask he wore, and, to some degree, that frightened the princess more than any contempt or hatred ever could.

...And, as she lay there lost in her thoughts, Yutaro-san was STILL going on. It was irritating; upon this morning, Yuufa could not stand to bear the constant barrage and, thus, felt herself about to do something extremely out of character for her. She rolled over and glared at her advisor for a moment.

"Yutaro-san, your princess is attempting to rest after a hard journey. Leave me alone, or I shall be no good at all when these talks begin and humiliate you and Mother moreso than my stuttering or simple stumbles ever could!"

Stunned silence ensued, and Yuufa took that opportunity to roll over, pulling the furs again over her face in defiance of both sun and advisor.
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Sometimes I walk alone at night when everybody else is sleeping... [Aug. 23rd, 2005|06:48 pm]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay

Kikyou, still shaken up by the hanyou attacking the village, smiled softly at Kagome. She was stunned the hanyou had referred to Kagome as her sister, and felt bad for his cruel remarks towards the girl. "You should get some rest. Feel free to use my hut if you like. I am going to go for a walk, I can't sleep after that."

She bowed politely as she headed off towards the woods. Kikyou walked a familiar and well worn path, not watching where she was heading as she let her instincts take over. After a little while, she thought she smelled stale smoke, and headed in the direction that seemed to be ripe with burning wood.

As she walked, Kikyou kept an eye out for anyone who might have been injured. She could tell the fire was rather recent, and hoped and prayed that everyone had made it out okay. She thought she noticed a foot, and walked towards it, afraid of what she would find.

Her hand was already fumbling in her herb pouch as she reached the head of the burnt man. Carefully brushing his hair out of his face, her breath caught in her throat at the extent of his damage. She checked to see if he was still breathing, already working on a salve to help with his burns. She knew she must help this man, but was unsure of how she would move him to someplace safer. Still, for now, she was more concerned with keeping him alive.
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Nozomi's own path... (Tag: anyone who's in the woods? ^^) [Aug. 14th, 2005|11:51 pm]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay
Nozomi leaned against a tree and wiped her forehead with the sleeve of her kimono, the journey finally getting to her. A few people strangely looked at her and she proceeded glare. What was so weird about her anyway?!

She let it drop. She was too tired to care anyway. After she finished complaining about her father she decided she would leave him once and for all. She wasn't needed there anyway; her brothers handled most of the work. She couldn't be there and feel herself slowly die.

Nozomi smirked, knowing she was being a little melodramatic and felt a small sense of satisfaction rise up in her. This was the first time she decided to do something like this in all her twenty five years. She was always one to say one thing and do another, so she knew her brothers wouldn't have suspected that she left for good.

"It was good that I did this," she said as she moved off the tree to continue on her path, but after taking one stop she decided she didn't feel like taking the man made path to the village she assumed was ahead of her. "A new journey calls for a new path." And with that she turned and walked through the woods.

Winding her way through the trees and their branches she placed her hand on the hilt of her sword. Even though she wasn't having second thoughts, she was starting to feel sorry for her father. Once he learned that she left, then he might be tempted to fall farther into the depths of the poison he already poured into his belly. She was his little light, but now? Now she left him, never planning on coming back.

She soon forgot the guilt and replaced it with pain. He never seemed to care about me after Mother. Rather, he never cared about anything after her death, so why should I feel that way?

Nozomi decided to forget about her family for a while. It was only causing her to cloud her otherwise beautiful day. 'No family means no problems,' she thought with a smile as she negotiated her own path through the woods and her life.
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(no subject) [Jul. 28th, 2005|07:34 am]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay
The walk back to Sesshoumaru-sama's estate, one Yuufa had endured several times at this point in time, was not surprisingly eventful. She was still obviously exhausted, more-so now because of the fact that she hadn't really rested during the time that had been allowed. Damp clumps on once lustrous, ebony hair clung to her pallid, glistening skin, and the youkai princess found herself beginning to lag behind Sesshoumaru as they neared his castle, the structure looming in the distance almost ominously.

Yuufa knew what that meant... No more attempts to better their relations. This was the moment of reckoning. Meetings would commence immediately upon a bath and return to her usual attire, and the youkai knew that she'd done little earn Sesshoumaru-sama's respect, even in the days that they'd traveled together. She shuddered to think of what Mother would do to her if she failed...

Pointed ears drooped, but Yuufa pressed herself on, not wishing for Sesshoumaru-sama to leave her behind, which she had little doubt in her mind that he would have any problems with at all. With the last ounces of her energy, she jogged up to fall again a mere step or two behind him and to the side. Her breathing was heavy as the sun beat down upon her. Night would come soon, but, before it did, Yuufa was finding herself exceedingly uncomfortable due to the wretched spite of that damned sun.

As the castle drew ever closer, she gulped audibly, steeling herself to pose a question.

"Shall I prepare for meeting this evening, my lord?" she inquired, overly polite, a bit stiff, and still hesitant but, at least she wasn't stuttering so much any longer.
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It was an accident, I swear! D: (Tag: Anyone in the village) [Jul. 17th, 2005|01:52 am]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay

As Inuyasha walked away, the smell of human screams hit his ears and the sulfur smell stung his nose again, making his eyes water. He glanced over his shoulder, noting that the forest caught on fire. His eyes widened and he turned and ran, arms out at his sides, baggy red sleeves trailing behind like streamers.

Shit! I'm having such a wonderful shit day today, I can't possibly imagine how it could possibly get any worse! Luckily rain came down from the sky, and he could only hope that it would be enough to put out the flames before the whole forest burned down. The trees that hadn't been touched by the flames stood out in front of him, although Inuyasha dodged them all with ease. He felt a lot better, his wounds pretty much all healed by that point.

Rustling sounds caught his attention and he slowed to a soundless stop, cupping his ears forward to overhear. A group of demons were nearby, gathered at the edge of a cliff, overlooking a village.

"There it isssss..." One stated.

"Yesss... I can ssssensssse it..." Said another.

Inuyasha's eyes narrowed. Sense it? Sense what? What the fu- His eyes widened once more, and turned down to the village. Yes, he could sense something.. Some.. thing.. of power. Why didn't he sense it before?

This must have been what the humans were after... He mused mentally, cracking his knuckles in preparing for a fight. Oh well.. whatever it is, that bastard Sesshoumaru doesn't have it.. better in my hands anyway..

Inuyasha stepped out and made himself known to the youkai, who all screeched at being interrupted. "Keh, you guys don't deserve anything!" He barked out, slicing his claws through each of them as they charged and leapt at him. The hanyou would not be overpowered by simple demons.

Once the shreds of youkai lay at his feet, he glanced down in disgust at his hands, now covered in blood. "Keh.." He mused, looking down to the village. He had to get closer. He had to investigate. The muscles in his legs clenched tightly momentarily before he leapt off the edge and sailed through the air, landing as silently as he could manage in a tree near a few huts. Inuyasha narrowed his eyes and sniffed at the air. It reeked of humans. He had to be careful and not be seen.

Another leap landed him on a rooftop.
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I was better off dealing with the mononoke... [Jul. 12th, 2005|05:13 pm]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay

Onigumo flinched and covered his face as the youkai merely tossed aside the blazing torch. His men stopped approaching the sliver-haired mononoke, staring at him in awe as he nonchalantly walked away. Onigumo followed him with his eyes, but could do nothing before one of his men called his name in fear. Turning, he saw that the misdirected torch lit a dead tree, and the fire was quickly becoming a blaze.

He ran back to the encampment, the strange youkai and his dead comrade already fading from memory as he took up a horse. The men cried for direction, but Onigumo would give none. His only concern at the moment was to leave before the fire spread too far.

Takara watched from behind the horse that was his own. Tears had streamed down the younger man's eyes as he gazed in hatred towards the group's self-appointed leader. Call me a corward, eh? The pregnant air seemed full of electricity as storm clouds began to gather. As Onigumo mounted a horse and continued to ignore the pleadings of his men, Takara picked up a bow and removed an arrow from the quiver secured on his horse. Loading the bow, Takara realized that this Onigumo knew nothing about the men he attempted to lead. Though ineffectual with a sword, he was a master archer, and resolved to let Onigumo know that. Right. Now.

The way towards the village was past the flaming tree and Onigumo quickly directed his steed towards that general direction. If he passed the accursed youkai that started all of this, perhaps he would have the chance to behead him as he-

A quick, searing pain hit Onigumo in the back. The force of the projectile pushed him off the horse, and he painfully rolled as he heard the horse whinny and gallop on without him. The pain turned into a burning sensation, and Onigumo realized that his back was being licked by the flames. He screamed and attempted to stand, but the arrow at his back prevented much movement. My men. Where are my men?

Where were you when they needed you?

A piercing scream flooded the night air, and Onigumo only dimly realized that it came from his mouth. The fire was engulfing him, eating at his clothing and hair. He managed to begin crawling away, but the fire continued to sink into him, burning his very soul. And then, like a bolt of bliss so deep that is was almost pain, the first droplet of rain fell from the sky. It was followed by another, and another... and Onigumo lay still, quietly hoping that it would simultaneously extinguish the fires and also bring deathly illness to the traitor who shot at him... to the traitors who were abandoning him.

His weakness finally engulfing him, Onigumo closed his eyes, praying that his sleep would not lead to death.

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What is a mother to do? [Jul. 7th, 2005|11:57 pm]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay
Her secluded palace by the shore was no longer granting her the solitude she thought that she would find there. The castle over looked the sea, and a rather large human village, but the location of the palace was placed so high on one of the cliffs that none of the mortals would dare disturb her... if they valued their lives. Burnt pieces of bones lay on the ground in front of her... but not for the tradition of honoring the dead... of course not, that whore would never get the burial that people thought she deserved. She was only a mortal... a mere human... what was so special about her?

The singed bones were on top of a piece of black silk, and underneath that silk laid a mirror. The small laterns that surrounded her flickered, the orange light playing off her pale skin and making her normally white hair have the appearance of fire. Golden eyes laid afixed on the heap of ashes and bones in front of her.

"Why?" a soft voice asked into the nothingness that surrounded her, "Why did he do such a thing to me... for you? You are not better than me, you were never better than me... you were and still are a filthy mortal, whose life was easily taken by my hands. Did he find your frailty alluring? Did your human innocence insnare him into lust? Are you so helpless? You must be... for I, Tenganai, Lady of the Western Lands, has turned you into ashes and bones... I stole you from your filthy half breed of a son! I am the one who made the final blow... and you had no idea what hit you. No, such a niave human. I guess this means that my husband died in vain... rumor is he died protecting you... you worthless amount of ashes." Her voice was clear like the autumn wind rushing through the red and yellow leaves of the season's change, but held the power of the ocean that roared at the shore's banks... and her anger which normally would have exploded as if the sun at high noon was only inches away from the earth itself -- was kept at bay... she asked all these questions to the pile of ash in front of her.

"I could forgive him for not being loyal... that is something I would certainly forgive him for... you see, because I too have a son, one who is more powerful than your feeble mind could ever grasp onto... if you were still alive. Your son, InuYasha... and my son Sesshoumaru are on two seperate playing fields... and in the end, my Sesshoumaru will always be the best. He has the potential to be even more powerful than his father... just you wait whore. Your spirit will never rest, I will make sure to that... and just as it was mother to mother... it will be son to son. Whose loyalties will prevail?"

After her last question fell on the breath of the air, with no one to answer her... Tenganai's golden eyes closed as she reached out for the silk, wrapping it over the bones and ashes, tieing knots so that it would hold and none would spill. She rose to her feet, not making a sound, and she brought the remains to a medium sized vase, the kanji "whore" painted onto the terra cotta... and she slowly started pouring the ashes into the container.

"I will use you in ways unimaginable Izayoi, to turn your son into a furious little pest... and my dearest Sesshoumaru will just put a means to his end. You see..." she whispered, unwrapping the silk, and taking out the bones, all the ashes now in the vase. She slowly started breaking the bones, and placing the fragments in with the ash. "The hanyou was never meant to be in this world, you had to taint my husband with lust... it is because of whores like you that the demon races bloodlines are thinning in power. But not my Sesshoumaru, oh no... he would never stoop low enough to lust after a mortal. That is the difference between him and his father... I raised him to know better."

Izayoi's skull was the last piece remaining out of the entire batch, small clumps of flesh that had refused to burn in the fire still clung to the bones, singed hair ready to break off in the wind. "I wish I could have seen InuYasha's face when he found out that his dear Mommy had mysteriously disappeared, and the villagers claimed her kidnapped and killed by a demon. It must have been priceless. His fear... his sorrow and despair... you did this to yourself you know that right? You should have known better not to meddle in the affairs of demons... but persistance and being stubborn I guess are flaws of all humans, for you lack the grace to execute anything properly. It's why I had to kill you... it's why... you deserved to die."

Tenganai's fingers reached up through the bottom of the skull, making the jaw move, mock talking, but she did not speak for it... she would only speak for herself. Her loathing for the human woman did not make her insane, just seethingly angry.

"No time for chit chat..." Tenganai smirked, narrowing her eyes and placing the skull at the mouth of the vase. She didn't want to break that piece so it would fit... it was somewhat of a trophy for her. "All is well that ends well... but not for you I suppose."

She turned her back towards what was left of the human princess and walked through a darkened doorway, she decided that she was going to leave soon to find her son... and give him the one clue that would help him find out who indeed was greater in the eyes of his father.

"The black pearl... it can see but can not be seen, it is guarded... but the guard doesn't know what it is guarding..." was written neatly on a small scroll of paper that she pulled from her robes. She read it over again and again, knowing that this was indeed a clue. One that she would make sure... that only Sesshoumaru would know about.

She passed into a room where there was a mirror on the wall, she reached out and her long elegant fingers brushed against the polished metal. She saw her true beauty... and her true power...

"How could he have ever betrayed me like that? There is nothing wrong with me..." she whispered to herself.

She turned away abruptly, "Sesshoumaru, my son... I hope you are prepared to see your mother once again. I know it has been long... but after the events of these past few years... and of course with what has happened recently... perhaps seeing the face of the woman who brought you into this world will bring you some sort of satisfaction... especially after what your father did to you. I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you my dearest Sesshoumaru... please, forgive your mother..." Her voice wouldn't raise above the sound of the wind coming through the palace, and as she stepped outside, the noon day sun catching in her sunset golden eyes and white as snow hair, Tenganai, Lady of the Western Lands held herself proudly and began her journey to find her beloved son.

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