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What is a mother to do? - Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay

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What is a mother to do? [Jul. 7th, 2005|11:57 pm]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay
Her secluded palace by the shore was no longer granting her the solitude she thought that she would find there. The castle over looked the sea, and a rather large human village, but the location of the palace was placed so high on one of the cliffs that none of the mortals would dare disturb her... if they valued their lives. Burnt pieces of bones lay on the ground in front of her... but not for the tradition of honoring the dead... of course not, that whore would never get the burial that people thought she deserved. She was only a mortal... a mere human... what was so special about her?

The singed bones were on top of a piece of black silk, and underneath that silk laid a mirror. The small laterns that surrounded her flickered, the orange light playing off her pale skin and making her normally white hair have the appearance of fire. Golden eyes laid afixed on the heap of ashes and bones in front of her.

"Why?" a soft voice asked into the nothingness that surrounded her, "Why did he do such a thing to me... for you? You are not better than me, you were never better than me... you were and still are a filthy mortal, whose life was easily taken by my hands. Did he find your frailty alluring? Did your human innocence insnare him into lust? Are you so helpless? You must be... for I, Tenganai, Lady of the Western Lands, has turned you into ashes and bones... I stole you from your filthy half breed of a son! I am the one who made the final blow... and you had no idea what hit you. No, such a niave human. I guess this means that my husband died in vain... rumor is he died protecting you... you worthless amount of ashes." Her voice was clear like the autumn wind rushing through the red and yellow leaves of the season's change, but held the power of the ocean that roared at the shore's banks... and her anger which normally would have exploded as if the sun at high noon was only inches away from the earth itself -- was kept at bay... she asked all these questions to the pile of ash in front of her.

"I could forgive him for not being loyal... that is something I would certainly forgive him for... you see, because I too have a son, one who is more powerful than your feeble mind could ever grasp onto... if you were still alive. Your son, InuYasha... and my son Sesshoumaru are on two seperate playing fields... and in the end, my Sesshoumaru will always be the best. He has the potential to be even more powerful than his father... just you wait whore. Your spirit will never rest, I will make sure to that... and just as it was mother to mother... it will be son to son. Whose loyalties will prevail?"

After her last question fell on the breath of the air, with no one to answer her... Tenganai's golden eyes closed as she reached out for the silk, wrapping it over the bones and ashes, tieing knots so that it would hold and none would spill. She rose to her feet, not making a sound, and she brought the remains to a medium sized vase, the kanji "whore" painted onto the terra cotta... and she slowly started pouring the ashes into the container.

"I will use you in ways unimaginable Izayoi, to turn your son into a furious little pest... and my dearest Sesshoumaru will just put a means to his end. You see..." she whispered, unwrapping the silk, and taking out the bones, all the ashes now in the vase. She slowly started breaking the bones, and placing the fragments in with the ash. "The hanyou was never meant to be in this world, you had to taint my husband with lust... it is because of whores like you that the demon races bloodlines are thinning in power. But not my Sesshoumaru, oh no... he would never stoop low enough to lust after a mortal. That is the difference between him and his father... I raised him to know better."

Izayoi's skull was the last piece remaining out of the entire batch, small clumps of flesh that had refused to burn in the fire still clung to the bones, singed hair ready to break off in the wind. "I wish I could have seen InuYasha's face when he found out that his dear Mommy had mysteriously disappeared, and the villagers claimed her kidnapped and killed by a demon. It must have been priceless. His fear... his sorrow and despair... you did this to yourself you know that right? You should have known better not to meddle in the affairs of demons... but persistance and being stubborn I guess are flaws of all humans, for you lack the grace to execute anything properly. It's why I had to kill you... it's why... you deserved to die."

Tenganai's fingers reached up through the bottom of the skull, making the jaw move, mock talking, but she did not speak for it... she would only speak for herself. Her loathing for the human woman did not make her insane, just seethingly angry.

"No time for chit chat..." Tenganai smirked, narrowing her eyes and placing the skull at the mouth of the vase. She didn't want to break that piece so it would fit... it was somewhat of a trophy for her. "All is well that ends well... but not for you I suppose."

She turned her back towards what was left of the human princess and walked through a darkened doorway, she decided that she was going to leave soon to find her son... and give him the one clue that would help him find out who indeed was greater in the eyes of his father.

"The black pearl... it can see but can not be seen, it is guarded... but the guard doesn't know what it is guarding..." was written neatly on a small scroll of paper that she pulled from her robes. She read it over again and again, knowing that this was indeed a clue. One that she would make sure... that only Sesshoumaru would know about.

She passed into a room where there was a mirror on the wall, she reached out and her long elegant fingers brushed against the polished metal. She saw her true beauty... and her true power...

"How could he have ever betrayed me like that? There is nothing wrong with me..." she whispered to herself.

She turned away abruptly, "Sesshoumaru, my son... I hope you are prepared to see your mother once again. I know it has been long... but after the events of these past few years... and of course with what has happened recently... perhaps seeing the face of the woman who brought you into this world will bring you some sort of satisfaction... especially after what your father did to you. I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you my dearest Sesshoumaru... please, forgive your mother..." Her voice wouldn't raise above the sound of the wind coming through the palace, and as she stepped outside, the noon day sun catching in her sunset golden eyes and white as snow hair, Tenganai, Lady of the Western Lands held herself proudly and began her journey to find her beloved son.


[User Picture]From: sunflowerraven
2005-07-13 02:04 am (UTC)


Nuu! ;_; Evil. XD

*prods you to come on a messanger*
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From: tenganai
2005-07-13 08:11 pm (UTC)


Sad... because I am on right now... but you seem to be MIA! *sob*

Come to the dark side InuYasha!
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