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The walk back to Sesshoumaru-sama's estate, one Yuufa had endured… - Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay

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[Jul. 28th, 2005|07:34 am]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay
The walk back to Sesshoumaru-sama's estate, one Yuufa had endured several times at this point in time, was not surprisingly eventful. She was still obviously exhausted, more-so now because of the fact that she hadn't really rested during the time that had been allowed. Damp clumps on once lustrous, ebony hair clung to her pallid, glistening skin, and the youkai princess found herself beginning to lag behind Sesshoumaru as they neared his castle, the structure looming in the distance almost ominously.

Yuufa knew what that meant... No more attempts to better their relations. This was the moment of reckoning. Meetings would commence immediately upon a bath and return to her usual attire, and the youkai knew that she'd done little earn Sesshoumaru-sama's respect, even in the days that they'd traveled together. She shuddered to think of what Mother would do to her if she failed...

Pointed ears drooped, but Yuufa pressed herself on, not wishing for Sesshoumaru-sama to leave her behind, which she had little doubt in her mind that he would have any problems with at all. With the last ounces of her energy, she jogged up to fall again a mere step or two behind him and to the side. Her breathing was heavy as the sun beat down upon her. Night would come soon, but, before it did, Yuufa was finding herself exceedingly uncomfortable due to the wretched spite of that damned sun.

As the castle drew ever closer, she gulped audibly, steeling herself to pose a question.

"Shall I prepare for meeting this evening, my lord?" she inquired, overly polite, a bit stiff, and still hesitant but, at least she wasn't stuttering so much any longer.

[User Picture]From: starry_oblivion
2005-08-04 12:35 am (UTC)
Sesshoumaru continued to approach his palace, giving the girl's words a single nod. At the mention of nothing growing there, the tall inuyoukai looked down at the small girl and wondered if the inhabitants of her land were included there.

A cold and barren land. Perhaps the North was not so bad, after all.

Upon stepping towards the massive doors, Sesshoumaru through them open and walked briskly in, moving quickly to his own quarters. "Jaken," he said to the green toad that had followed after them. "Find Yuufa-hime's people and tell them that the talks shall begin after we have rested from our journey."

Wit his first order to his new and willing servant, Sesshoumaru disappeared up the stairs, his hand already unfastening his armor as he went up.

((Sorry for the short crappiness of it but... yeah... me a bit scattered, so I'm doing my best. ~_~))
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