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Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay

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Wandering [Jun. 30th, 2005|06:45 am]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay
The journey had been long and especially tedious. Jaken was the only member of the small party of youkai that might occasionally speak up, though Yuufa would do her best to be polite and answer him whenever he said something that was not specifically directed at the silent youkai who led them. Her heart was beginning to plummet as Sesshoumaru's silence stretched on and on for nearly the entire journey. Perhaps he was more displeased with her than she'd thought. One could never know. Reading the emotions of one such as Sesshoumaru was difficult enough, and her constant paranoia didn't really help matters much, so she tried her best to be objective in the matter. Sesshoumaru probably simply didn't like to talk.

Boku... The mention of the mystical wood seemed to have interested Sesshoumaru, and Yuufa spent her time trying her very best to figure out why. Did Sesshoumaru seek something that could only be found with the aid of the Nintoujou? That didn't make much sense... After all what could one such as Sesshoumaru seek out so desperately? He didn't seem the type to be overly concerned with treasures or riches...

The wood that they walked through was dense and rich; Yuufa assumed that they were nearing their destination. At least, she hoped that they were. They'd been traveling for an awfully long time, and she hadn't bothered to ask how long it would be before they reached their destination. Sesshoumaru, for his part, didn't seem inclined to really tell his companions this information either.

The princess prayed that it would be soon, however. The intense heat and light of the sun was already taking its toll on her that day, though she made a good show of hiding it beneath her weary, black eyes.
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Introducing Nozomi... [Jun. 28th, 2005|08:08 pm]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay
Nozomi sighed as she looked out over the small field filled with different herbs her brothers had tried so hard to cultivate. She knew if she stood here too long they would make her do something that she didn't want to do. She sighed again as she turned around to walk the few yards back to her place.

"Ouch!" she yelled as she stepped on a sharp pebble.

"You should be wearing these," her oldest brother said, pointing to his footwear.

"I don't like to wear those," she said with a huff and continued her walk home. She could hear her brother laughing behind her and it was starting to get on her nerves. She new once she was able to get back to the small hut they all lived in, she would be able to relax. It wasn't being a home that was relaxing, but the object in the corner of her small area.

Nozomi opened the flap of the door and looked at her father in front of her. He was leaning against the wall as if he was waiting for someone and his eyes were closed like he gave up on waiting for that certain person. Nozomi shook her head as she saw the silent killer beside him and and walked into the small second room to retrieve her most prized possession given to her by the man that was currently in a drunken sleep.

"Where do you think you're going?" a raspy voice shouted when she tried to leave her home.

"I'm going out to practice," she answered, her back facing the man she once called Papa.

"You shouldn't be wasting your time practicing with a thing like that. You should be helping your brothers."

"I don't think you're the one to talk," she spitted back and walked out.

"Come back here you ungrateful child!"

Hearing her father yell at her once again, Nozomi took off to the field she practiced in. Once she reached her spot a small tear fell from her dark blue eyes and she angrily wiped it away with the sleeve of her light blue kimono. Instead of letting another tear fall, she took the dragonfly katana and started the practice routine her father showed her years ago as her mind screamed in anger.

"I'm not ungrateful! I'm not a child! And I never want to go back! You've changed! You've changed and I hate you!"
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New locale, new thread? [Jun. 17th, 2005|10:00 pm]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay


Sesshoumaru heard something akin to a body falling behind him, causing him to peer over his shoulder. Apparently, though unhurt as she was, the mere sight of battle was enough to make the girl lose consciousness. If he had less composure, Sesshoumaru would have sighed at her hopelessness. Trying to envision a life in which he was wed to such a useless, pitiful girl, Sesshoumaru turned, picked the girl up without any sort visible emotion on his face and turned away, continuing on his way to the streams. He noted a skirmish of sorts amongst the swamp youkai who had been in the clutches of the oni and the other youkai of his kind, but paid it little heed.

The journey passed uneventfully. The crescent moon slightly smaller than the night before, obscured a bit by clouds up in the otherwise clear sky. Sesshoumaru took scarcely any heed to the unconscious girl in his arms, muddying his armor and haori once again. He thought back to the bloodied haori that he had left at his bed and felt that mud, though as utterly uncouth as it was, was something that he'd be less opposed to finding upon himself than his own blood... especially at the expense of a hanyou.

A scuffling sound could be heard behind him. Without turning or giving any other indication of acknowledgement, he knew this sound to be that of the small toad youkai whose life he had, by default, salvaged. What this poor creature intended to achieve by following him on his way was beyond Sesshoumaru, and so he thought not of it.

Hearing the trickling of water not too far away from him, Sesshoumaru quickened his pace. Finally arriving at the stream, he crouched near the edge and laid the girl gently on her back in the grass in a single swift movement. A hot spring lay at the mouth of the colder water, and Sesshoumaru decided that the girl would have to make use of it. Scooping a pale hand into the stream, Sesshoumaru cupped his hand and brought out clear, almost-freezing water, splashing it upon the girl's face. Get up, he commanded her silently.  I will not bathe you as well as revive you.

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How to Acquire the Position of a Servile Minion: Jaken’s Tale [Jun. 16th, 2005|08:07 pm]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay
It was nearing dawn, and the fields of Musashino were barren and silent, spare for the distant sound of several hundred small, marching feet. Out from the swampy region to the south, a sizeable army of impish youkai appeared on the horizon, armed with spears, hewn poles, and other crude weaponry. Among them, hoisted above the rest on a makeshift palanquin, their leader sat in grim apprehension, clutching a swordhandle anxiously in his claws as his large yellow eyes locked ahead in a numb stare of dread.

To be sure, this day would be the death of him. Facing off with the old, notoriously ferocious she-youkai? What had the clan been thinking when they rallied to fight against such an impossibly powerful, long-term enemy? How had it come to this?
The rest behind a cut because this Jaken has longwinded tendancies...Collapse )
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Morning comes too soon [Jun. 16th, 2005|04:18 pm]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay
The moonlight was slowly fading as a touch of pink began to creep across the horizen. It was early morning, and still Yuufa lay in the large bed, loose, raven hair spilling all around her small form as the first rays of sunlight began to lick at the very tips of her toes. Sleep had not visited her that night, but the princess was thankful to have at least been able to relax for a while after the night she'd had. Yutaro-san and the guards were probably beside themselves right now, but, with any luck, they would have enough sense to seek out the lord of this domain and ask for aid in finding their prodigal charge. The scolding she would no doubt receive from Yutaro-san was not going to pleasent, however.

Unable to remain in bed any longer, Yuufa stood and stretched, the white robe she wore slipping off of her left shoulder as she moved. A bath would be essential as she hadn't bothered to take one the night before, and it would probably do wonders for her nerves. Within moments, the water was drawn, and the youkai set to work washing the dried blood from a few minor scrapes and cleansing her travel-worn body. Afterwards, Yuufa dried herself off, putting on the large robe again as she took a seat at the dresser to brush her extensive tresses. Long hair was so trying to keep nice, but Mother insisted that Yuufa retain her singular beauty, so she abided by the elder youkai's wishes.

After the arduous task of tending to her hair, Yuufa knelt down in the the sunlight and closed her eyes in silent meditation. In her mind's eye, she could see the shadows that the dresser and bed cast in the light. Breathing was steadied, and the room was still for a moment. After a few minutes of intense concentration, small, translucent, black flowers began to form out of the bed of shadow.

Focused. She was focused. So long as her concentration was complete, more and more shadows took the shape of various flowers and plants until the entire floor seemed covered in wispy, imitations of various blooms and shrubs.
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Arrival at Kaede's village (Tag: Kagome, Kikyou, whoever else) [Jun. 16th, 2005|12:32 am]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay
Nodding at Kagome's request to head to the village, the taijya dismounted off the feline, whom promptly shrunk down to her smaller form. The small feline, now the size of a baby kitten, yawned tiredly. Kaen'ishi glanced down at the feline with the fainted hint of amusement in his eyes before turning and heading towards the village nearby. The bow on his shoulder was adjusted as he walked, pacing himself slow enough so that the strangely dressed girl would keep in line with him.

He wasn't much for conversation, although he did glance back at her a few times. The outfit the girl was wearing was rather strange: in fact, it was very strange. He never saw a kimono that short before in his entire life, and the thought that she might be youkai crossed his mind again.

Then, why am I not getting any negative feelings from her?

His thoughts were dismissed when he felt an odd warming feeling against his shoulder, the one where the shikon no tama was hidden against. The taijya's face contorted slightly, and yet while it was bothersome, he dared not to remove it and expose it to demons that might be nearby.

Kaen'ishi's face went neutral once more as he stepped into the village, glancing around while Kirara followed at his ankles. "Sumimasen." He spoke, announcing his presence in the village (which brought a lot of awkward stares Kagome's way) "Does anyone know where Kikyou-sama is?"
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Awakening in the Forest - Tag: Anyone [Jun. 15th, 2005|06:08 pm]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay

A grunt, barely audible. Darkness.. He was sweating. Everything screamed at him, his body in immense pain.

Inuyasha rolled over onto his back, and forced his eyes open. Where... Staring upwards at the canopy of trees above him, he forced himself to awaken. Am I.. dead?

His nose weakly twitched, sniffing at the air. The scent on his clothes reminded him of the disgusting youkai smell of his half-brother, and his head rolled to the side. He wretched and coughed, but only blood came out to mar the ground beneath him.

Shit.. He grunted again, rolling back onto his back, staring upwards with dulled amber eyes. His head was pounding. His back hurt. Every muscle in his body. And where the hell was he? He couldn't detect anything with his nose, and his brain wouldn't process anything. All he could tell was that he was nowhere near Sesshoumaru.

How did I get away? He couldn't remember anything after being slammed into the tree. He blacked out and somehow ended up here, in the forest. Inuyasha reached down and lightly pressed his hand against his abdomen: the blood had dried, and the cut had closed up in the process of healing.

How long have I been here?
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When will the caged bird be released? [Jun. 14th, 2005|07:11 pm]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay
Kagome quickened her pace as she made her way to the Higurashi Shrine. She was glad to be home, but she desperately wanted to avoid hearing six words...

"And the origin of this is..."

Six words she had become very used to hearing. She cared greatly for her grandfather, but being told the origin of every part of the shrine was a bit much. At breakfast, he had explained the origin of the food, and was about to go into the origin of the well, which she had heard a million times, before she explained that she would be late for school if he continued. He relented, but insisted that he have a nice long chat with her when she came home about the origin of the Shikon no Tama. That was one she heard even more, and his story seemed to get longer with each telling. It's almost like he lives in the past! Kagome thought to herself. I'd never get so caught up in history.

Kagome was halfway there, no sign of her grandfather so far, and hoped that if he was inside she could slip past him easily enough. She had some studying to do for her math test. She was so caught up in her inner thoughts, she almost didn't notice the door to the well was open and someone was moving inside. She made her way over, seeing that it was Shota and a friend of his. Shota was still very close to the door and looked a little nervous, his friend looked impatient.

"What are you doing here?" She asked. There was no way they could be playing around in a dutsy place like this.

"I bet him he couldn't make it all the way in!" His friend said.

"Well, it's just a little creepy, ok?" Shota said defensively. "I can do it!"

"You aren't allowed to play in here Shota, you know that," Kagome chided. "Find some other game."

Shota's friend shrugged, obviously disappointed. Shota seemed relived to get out of there.

As the two boys left, Kagome swore she heard a scratching sound coming from the well. She was all alone, and the door wasn't open wide enough to let in a lot of light. She had to admit, it was a bit creepy. She made her way down the stairs anyway, looking for the source of the noise. Wait...it could be...

The noise was coming from inside the well?

Kagome leaned in a little closer with the intent to hear better, when she saw that a light was peeking through the cracks in the well. She barely had time to think What the... When the well burst open, and then someone, or something was grabbing at her, dragging her down and covering her mouth so her scream of surprise was muffled.

She was looking down at a woman, but it wasn't a woman. It was looking at her hungrily, and keeping and iron grip on her with its arms. Its six arms. It seemed to be growing as it touched her, its body forming and making her look like a giant centipede.

"You have it..."

Had it? Had what?

"The Shikon no Tama..." And it licked her face.

Kagome was disgusted. She wanted it off and she wanted it off her now. She struggled, attempting to push the monster's face back. "Get...AWAY!" She shouted.

A light shot forth from her hand, startling both Kagome and the centipede knocking its face back as well as taking off one of its arms. "You won't get away!" it promised.

Kagome was in shock. Aside from the centipede woman that had attacked her, she suddenly realized she was floating in the middle of nowhere. The second she wondered how she was going to get back, she landed at the bottom of the well. Well, maybe it was some crazy dream.

A look to the left told her that it was no dream. The arm of the centipede woman had followed her down. She suddenly wanted to get out of the well very badly.

She almost called for Shota, but he was probably in the house now and couldn't hear her. Gritting her teeth, she started to climb the vines along the side. To her surprise, when she surfaced, she wasn't inside the shrine anymore. In fact, her whole house was gone. She had somehow ended up in the middle of a forest. Sitting on the edge of the well, she took a good look at her surroundings and found nothing that seemed dangerous. She got up and brushed herself off, deciding to pick a direction and walk, hoping she'd run into someone eventually.
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Meanwhile, in the Taijya no Mura [Jun. 13th, 2005|11:17 pm]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay
An arrow whizzed by slicing a long snake-looking youkai in half. The shooter of the arrow pressed his lips together in a thin scowl, reaching behind him to grab another arrow from his quiver. All around him were the sounds and sights of battle: other taijya fighting with various weapons and poisons.

"On your guard!" The archer, dressed like the others only with red armor protecting his shoulders and midsections called out. "Give it all you got!" His hair lashed around him as he moved, quickly removing the sword held at his waist to slice another youkai down the middle.

He was standing in front of a hut, one where the prized possession of the village remained. Why his father wished to keep it there was beyond him. He was told stories of it's creation and of the power it made.. and ever since word of it spread, demons flocked to it like wildfire.

Otosan, you're lucky you're missing out on this. The young man scowled, brown eyes narrowing as he notched another arrow and sent it flying. A loud growl was heard, and a firecat could be seen, lunging and tearing more youkai to bits admist the fight, dancing among self-generated flames.

It was the perfect scene of carnage. And it happened pretty much every day.

"Kaen'ishi-sama, what are we going to do?" Another taijya, slightly younger in years to the one addressed, ran over to Kaen'ishi's side, slicing a demon in his way to pieces with a swift slash of a sickle blade.

"I don't know." Came the grunted reply, another arrow sent flying. "But all I know is that we cannot fight youkai like this all the time. We have to get rid of that stupid jewel somehow."

The other taijya stared at him. "But.. it's very powerful! We can't just throw it away!"

A dark glare was cast in his direction. "I know that. There has to be someone better suited than us to guard it. All this evil energy cannot be doing the jewel any good."

The other taijya nodded and Kaen'ishi turned, leaving the battle behind and entering the hut where the jewel was stored. It was held on a string, a single orb of softly glowing light. The red-clad taijya narrowed his eyes at it. His father was around to see it's creation, but when the miko Midoriko created it, the energy around it remained so pure that the village was protected from any outside demon influences. Now as time went on the jewel lost its purity and was growing darker due to the blood spilt by the warriors in the village. The demon attacks had increasingly been growing larger and larger, and it was becoming harder and harder for the taijya (as trained as they were) to hold them off and keep the destruction to their homes at a minimum.

The shikon no tama was removed from its display and was carefully tucked in the secret space under his left shoulder guard. Making sure he had enough arrows on hand, he ran out of the hut, slashing at a youkai that dove at him. The hoard of demons had died, and dead bodies were strewn across the village. Murmurs of disgust were heard as each warrior looked over the buildings, most of which had horrible damage done to them due to the onslaught of youkai.

"Kaen'ishi-sama! Where are you going?" The slayer from before spoke up, watching as the village leader climbed up onto the large firecat.

"I am getting rid of this thing. I am sick of living like this." He stated, turning to look at the others fighting. "I request that most of you, those who know how to ride a horse, join me in my journey. The rest of you stay behind and work on reparing what was done." His voice was commanding and loud. Without so much as a goodbye, the taijya flew, leaving the village behind him.
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Doh! [Jun. 13th, 2005|09:33 am]
Prelude: an Inuyasha Roleplay
The journey had been a long one, but that had been expected. The distance from the Northern Territories to the Western Lands was known to be quite far, and the young, noblewoman had actually enjoyed the journey somewhat. To trek across new lands and see new sights had been refreshingly new content for the weathered, old journal she carried along, tucked away safely at her side at all times. She'd almost been able to forget the reason she'd been sent so far away from home...

However, now that the small party, consisting only of herself, an advisor, and a few guards had crossed the threshold of the lands belonging to the great, youkai son of the infamous Inutaishou, recollection of the duties she was expected to perform to further her mother's tyranny swiftly became the only thing she could mull over in her mind. Jittery, nervous, and extremely uncomfortable already, Yuufa fell back to the rear of the group, her pace suddenly becoming quite, uncharacteristically sluggish.

The fragile-looking, shadow youkai, youngest daughter of the infamous Lady of the North bit her lip as black, empty eyes darted about the forest as they continued onward, as though frightened that something might pop out at any moment. Did Sesshoumaru-sama already know they were here? Had Mother really sent word that they would be arriving soon as a friendly visit from what would soon be the Empire of the North, or would the lord not know of their intentions and be wary of them? Would she be able to fulfill the task Mother had set out for her?

The slightest of whimpers escaped Yuufa's lips as her thoughts drifted to the ulterior motives that her diplomatic mission had. How could one such as she, a youkai born without any semblance of a backbone, be so bold in a manner that would not offend the lord? Besides, didn't dog youkai only mate with other dog youkai? There was no chance that she could impress this youkai enough to have him desire to wed a strange, clumsy youkai noble from the North... Mother's expectations were too high again, but she knew not what she would do if she managed to fail, as she was certain she would.

"Might we stop for just a moment?" came her soft, barely audible voice, piping up from the back. The guards nodded in ascent, though the advisor, Yutaro, threw a sharp look in her direction, acutely aware of the young youkai's apprehension regarding this mission. The entire reason he had been sent was to ensure that Yuufa did not attempt to escape her duties and to patch up any botches that she would undoubtedly create. "It'll be just... just a moment," she said, shrinking down a bit under Yutaro's scrutinizing gaze. "If that's alright, of course." The court advisor sighed heavily, waving his hand to the young "princess" dismissively.

"Hurry it up, Yuufa-sama," he replied, his words no matching the title to her name. Yuufa paid it little heed however and bowed, rushing off for a moment into the wood towards the sound of a brook that her acute hearing had picked up along the path.

With a sigh, the youkai began to relax a bit for the first time since they'd entered the Western Lands, taking a seat by the brook. Away from her little entourage, she felt as though she were finally allowed to breathe... Slowly, she dipped her hands into the brook, splashing a bit of water onto her face to cool herself off and hopefully refresh herself a bit.

As she caught glimpse of her reflection in the stream, an idea formed in Yuufa's head. Perhaps practice might help! Black eyes again darted about the clearing, making certain that she was truly alone. When both her vision and ears picked up nothing, she turned again to the stream, smiling at her reflection.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, my lord," she said politely. The smile faded and she sighed. That had been atrocious. It hadn't been loud enough by a long shot, and her articulation was horrendous. The youkai composed herself, turning again to the water. "Sesshoumaru-sama, I am quite pleased to make your acquaintance..." Yuufa shook her head. "Dreadful... Positively dreadful." She needed to sound more confident. "I am Yuufa of the Northern Territories. It is upon the desire to establish a friendship between our great lands that my mother has sent me this day. I sincerely hope, Sesshoumaru-sama, that you will accept this sign of good faith that we might continue to speak about the future of our lands." That hadn't been too awful, if she could only recall it upon meeting Sesshoumaru-sama.

For good measure to complete her rehearsal, Yuufa reached into her sleeve to retrieve the rare, ceremonial dagger that was so precious to her country, the gift she was to offer the lord of these lands...

Upon feeling no handle to grasp, Yuufa's eyes widened, and she began to frantically search the contents of her sleeve, pouch, and even her journal. Still, the dagger was nowhere to be found. If it had been possible, the youkai would've paled considerably, so dizzy did she feel. She'd forgotten the dagger... How could she have forgotten the dagger?

"It... it simply has to be here!" she squeaked, patting herself down as she searched futilely for the dagger. Mother would have her head for this...
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